The Quality of Our Volkswagen Repairs Is No Accident

Whether it is a small scratch or bump, or major work needed after a collision, we know you want your Volkswagen back to its best. There is, however, only one way to ensure that happens and that is to use a Volkswagen Approved Repairer, like Canberra Bodyworks.

As a Volkswagen Approved Repairer, Canberra Bodyworks is approved as a repairer that meets the high quality of standards you’ve come to expect from Volkswagen and we do so with an emphasis on both safety and value.

To achieve the status of Volkswagen, we had to pass the strictest certification process, including tooling, thorough technician training, quality standards, and a commitment to maintaining the value of Volkswagen through the use of only Volkswagen Genuine Parts. We are also audited regularly, by Volkswagen, to ensure factory standards and procedures are always maintained.

With only Volkswagen Genuine Parts, tools, and equipment at hand, you can trust Canberra Bodyworks to ensure every last detail of your Volkswagen retains its original, authentic glory.

Don't let insurers steer you away from us

There is no doubt that top-quality repairs cost more than inferior quality repairs. That’s why some insurers will try and steer you away from us despite your excess staying the same.

However, If quality and safety are important to you, then you need to speak to us first.

If you speak to us first, we can coach you through the process and information needed for your insurer to approve us. Or, if you would like us to reduce the stress even more, and liaise directly with your insurer on your behalf, all we need from you is the claim number and we can take it from there.

Replacement car

We know that being without your car is a hassle. That’s why our team can help secure you a like-for-like hire car while we take care of your repairs. Often, we can secure your hire car with nil excess which means in many cases there is no cost to you.


Free, no-obligation quote

If quality and safety matter to you, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.