At Canberra Bodyworks, our focus is on quality, our processes, and training our staff. That’s why our friendly team is ready and waiting to help make repairing your car as painless as possible.

Don't let insurers steer you away from us

There is no doubt that top-quality repairs cost more than inferior quality repairs. That’s why some insurers will try and steer you away from us despite your excess staying the same.

However, If quality and safety are important to you, then you need to speak to us first.

If you speak to us first, we can coach you through the process and information needed for your insurer to approve us. Or, if you would like us to reduce the stress even more, and liaise directly with your insurer on your behalf, all we need from you is the claim number and we can take it from there.

Free, no-obligation quote

If quality and safety matter to you, contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

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