Being in an accident, and needing repairs, can be stressful. After an accident, you have a lot of things to consider and work through and just one of those many things is how life will work without your transportation.

We know that being without your car is a hassle. Suddenly, when your car is in for repairs, you are without the transport that you rely on to get to work, drop-off & pick-up kids, get to social events, get the groceries, etc.
Many insurance companies aren’t particularly forthcoming in advising you of exactly what you are entitled to. Instead, they concentrate on the repairs while trying to keep costs to a minimum. A replacement car is, however, often a provision and you are entitled to it.

Further, don’t think that arranging a hire car yourself, direct with a hire car company, and paying for it out of your own pocket, is an easy or guaranteed process. It could be months before you are reimbursed the costs and sometimes people aren’t reimbursed at all and are left out-of-pocket.

That’s why our team can help secure you a like-for-like replacement car while we take care of your repairs. Often, we can secure your replacement car in the accident scenario;

  • Not at fault – replacement vehicle no charge, simply identify the other party and their insurance details. (conditions apply).
  • At fault – If you have hire car on your policy we can arrange for the use of one of our onsite late model vehicles through your policy or can arrange a competitive rate on a hire car for you should you not have this option. (conditions apply)